It didn’t come as much of a surprise when ‘The Sistas’ nicknamed me ‘Stitch’. After all, I was THE ‘Go-To Crafty Girl’- always stitching something up in my spare time.  Sewing…Knitting…Crafting…Home decor… What EVER I could get my creative little hands on…

You would think, with this little art problem I had (I mean, gift), that painting wouldn’t be such a far cry from all that other stuff, right? Ya. Not so much.

In fact, I have a dirty little secret for you…

Truth is, I have NOT been painting all my life!

Nope. Probably just like you, I had never taken a brush to canvas. Until one day, just a couple of years ago…I DID.  (And I’ve not put that brush down since!)

But THAT’S not how this whole thing came to be.  It actually started when the Sistas and I were tossing ideas around on how to celebrate yet another birthday.

It always seems to beg the question…

How to have a fun girls night out and still make everyone happy…
without breaking the bank?

Seriously…planning girls night out ain’t the easiest thing to do when there’s five of you.
If your group of friends is anything like mine, everyone usually wants to do something different.

We certainly knew the kind of birthday party we WANTED…

…Fun…entertaining…creative (‘Cuz we were tired of the same old thing) 

…Eat/drink on the cheap (‘Cuz Potluck can sometimes be the tastiest option)

…Flexible (‘Cuz someone inveitably needs to go home early)

…No parking fees or worries about who’s driving
(Cuz it’s NEVER good when the Designated Driver asks ‘Who’s the ‘D.D.’ tonight?’…
after the 2nd glass of wine !)

But the costs for a simple night on the town can REALLY add up fast!

Let’s face it…one night out can cost about $100 bucks each.

You do the math-

$10 bucks for parking
$20 for wine/drinks 
$30 – $40 for dinner  

And that’s before you get to the entertainment for the evening!  Add another …

$20- $30 for dancing, band, jazz club, line dancing, and so on…

Boom! Going out with your friends could blow your budget pretty darn quickly.

It was THEN, my friend, I had the BRILLIANT idea for GetYourPaintPartyOn.Com

Now,  I’ve always been a sort of cheerleader/coach for people.  I LOVE helping people find their music…their colors….even sharing a few new ways to look at things.

And with my years as a dance teacher (Jazz/Hip Hop), I knew how much people bond when they gather around a creative experience.  (It’s really the fundamental reason my best friends are even IN my life.)

At the same time…

Creativity is more than just ‘art’.  It fuels our minds and opens our hearts.

Remember when I said I haven’t put the brush down since I began a few years ago?

Well, I started off knowing absolutely nothing about painting whatsoever.  I mean, I really struggled with it.  In fact, I invested an incredible amount of hours learning as many tips and techniques as I could just so I could get past making stick figures.  (Really…I’m talking many hours…hundreds of them!)

Little did I know, it would not only help me keep my sanity, but would seriously change my life and the lives of a bunch of others! Many studies show ART relaxes us, releases endorphins and reduces stress.  It’s literally good for your health!  For me, it was like therapy.

Which brings me to today…

It’s a Fact!
We Have The MOST Fun When Music, Creativity, Laughter and Friends Are Involved.

That’s why I’ve designed these Paint Party DVDs to bring it all together.  The art…the creativity…the jokes…the bonding…the music…the techniques…the PARTY!  It’s all there.  It’s easy. It’s addictive.  And it doesn’t get much more fun than this…

These DVDs ain’t nothing like those blah boring paint classes of the past!  This is a party! One for the artistic and the not-so-artistic. For friends you’ve known a long time.  And new ones you’d like to meet.  It’s art meets party.  It’s creativity meets social gathering.


So while you may be thinking to yourself, ‘ I have no paint experience.  How can I EVER paint that?!’  Please let me repeat…


All those tips and skills I learned over the years are about to be condensed down for you into a unique, easy to follow lesson wrapped up inside a hip, upbeat experience.  (Some fellow party-goers even say they’ve unleashed creative talents they didn’t know they possessed.)

In fact, I am absolute living proof that YOU CAN DO THIS!  (Really. If I can do this, so can YOU.)

You can paint any one of  THESE CANVASES!
nd I’m going to teach you HOW!
Step.  By.  Simple. Step.

Beginner paint instruction wrapped up in a paint party environment. Some canvas choices here

You’re about to have one of the most fun and creative house parties EVER!  And you’re going to be so amazed at the finished piece you’re about to produce, you’re going to want to hang it in your own home.

Paint. Sip. Laugh. Eat. Drink. Tap your toes to the music. Paint some more.  Get the picture?


Joy and Laughter Await You.

Can’t wait to share the FUN…

Warm Regards,


p.s. Nothing thrills me more than to see you go from “I’m not sure I can paint that” to  “WOW! Look what I just made”!  I’m just bursting at the seams to share with you the industry’s coolest tricks.  I just KNOW they’re going to help you with your paintings.

So, when you’re finished with your masterpiece, I want to hear all about YOUR paint party… and see the pictures too! Connect with me and the rest of the awesome Paint Party community over on Facebook.

Connect with me HERE ON FACEBOOK (where I give away free parties).

p.p.s. There’s much more to the story behind all those strange names I mentioned like ‘Stitch’ and ‘The Sistas 5’.  No…we don’t have our own rock band or anything, but it IS a really fun story. Check out that Facebook page. I’ll reveal the WHOLE thing 😉